Our Mission

The Finger Lakes Live Steamers is an educational non-profit organization of people interested in building and operating large scale model railroad equipment. 


The purposes for which the Finger Lakes Live Steamers was formed are:

    Aerial view of the club in 2008

  • (a). To foster the construction and operation of model trains by providing and maintaining a publicly available facility for large scale model railroading.
  • Research

  • (b). Maintenance of a reference library for the use of students, teachers, and scholars interested in steam, diesel, and electric locomotion and railroading.
  • Track work on the 7-1/4 inch gauge

  • (c). Encouraging research, writing and preservation regarding the history of steam, diesel, and electric locomotion and railroading.
  • Diesel maintenance

  • (d). Promotion of activities which stimulate the public and particularly young persons to know more about steam, diesel and electric locomotion and railroading.
  • Blowing excess steam

  • (e). Promotion of public awareness and particularly among young persons of safety precautions in and around railroading activities.
  • Riding on trains

  • (f). Promotion of public interest in the future of rail transportation.
are powered by steam, internal combustion, or electric batteries.  Our members are experienced in railroading, machine shop practice, model building and related activities.  Skills in these areas are quickly attained and we welcome anyone with an interest in this hobby and a desire to learn.

Note: Members often work on projects at the club on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Members regularly run trains on Saturday afternoons from the middle of May through the middle of October. See the Schedule of Events for more information.

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August 1-4, 2019

July 21, 2016


Model T Fords visit the FLLS.

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December 2015

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Board of Directors election results for 2017:
President: Tim Guenther
Vice President: Jack Wylie
Treasurer: Jim Henrichs
Secretary: Sue Henrichs
Directors: Bob Fruit; Ken Cameron; & Randy Taylor

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